4 Clever Ways to Utilise Kitchen Cabinets Outside of the Kitchen

November 6, 2017

Have you ever spent hours wandering around furniture stores looking at pre-made, off-the-shelf furniture only to walk away empty-handed because none of it suited your storage needs?

Well, did you know that you can install kitchen cabinetry in different areas around your home, maximising on space while still creating a visually alluring aesthetic? Whether you need a bit of extra storage in the dining room, bedroom or hallway, look no further than kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets in the Dining Room

By incorporating kitchen cabinetry into your dining room, you’ll be able to maintain a cohesive aesthetic between your kitchen and meal area by incorporating the same cabinets, finishes and colour schemes from one room to the next.

Kitchen drawers can be used for a buffet style kitchen cabinet, where you can store special occasion crockery, glasses and serving platters, as well as your fancy table linen and placemats. You can even use the same benchtop material on sideboard cabinets to link the two rooms, but make it feel less kitchen-y by displaying photos and decorative objects on the cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinetry in the Bathroom

You can also use kitchen cabinets, either off-the-shelf or custom made, to create a bespoke vanity that perfectly suits your space. By using kitchen cabinetry in your bathroom, you’ll be able to take advantage of an array of configurations, including drawers, open shelving and cupboards to store all of your bits and bobs.


While standard bathroom cabinetry could easily suit this application, the benefit of using kitchen cabinetry is that you can create a harmonious flow throughout your home by consistently using the same cabinetry throughout each room.

Kitchen Cabinets and the Hallway


Generally speaking, hallways have very minimal storage. Some homeowners purchase hallway tables or buffet units to add a decorative touch in these typically plain areas. However, once again, installing kitchen cabinetry can go a long way in creating a cohesive aesthetic within your home, while also providing you with additional in-home storage.


Hallway storage can be used to store items like umbrellas and shoes near the entranceway, linen, and even the vacuum cleaner. Timber look doors can give the illusion of wall panelling rather than kitchen cabinetry, but kitchen base cabinets will look fantastic as lower cabinetry. For tall storage, a kitchen pantry or broom cupboard with matching doors will work wonders.

Kitchen Cupboards in the Living Room


For a lot of people, the lounge room has as much storage as the rest of the house, especially if you’re a hoarder of entertainment bits and bobs, including gaming consoles, DVDs and books.


Kitchen cabinets can be easily used to make custom-designed entertainment units. Tall bank storage cupboards can be made from kitchen pantries or broom cabinets, which can combine with drawers and doors to cater for various storage requirements, like children’s toys and board games.


Open shelves for displaying decorative and sentimental items will make the space feel more personalised and less cabinet-heavy. To make the cupboards looks less kitchen-y, but still cohesive, consider adding some glass display doors and using different handles.


While kitchen cabinetry isn’t something you might ordinarily associate with complete around-the-home storage; the storage and aesthetic benefits are aplenty!


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