5 Kitchen Benchtop Edge Designs You Can Opt For

August 22, 2016

Like in any project in the home, there are lots of choices and decisions to be made where benchtop edge designs are concerned. While it can be frustrating and time consuming to have to make decisions on every aspect in the design, it is those finer details that make your project successful. One of those decisions is choosing benchtop edge designs. There are quite a number of things to consider, including safety, function and style. While there are plenty of different benchtop edge designs out there that can be opted for, below is a sampling of the commonest among them.

Ogee edge

Ogee edge benchtop

Conventional and elegant, this edge has intricate design making it the most commonly used in conventional details. The Ogee edge has two curves, but can vary slightly depending on the fabricator. It adds an elegant touch to a more decorative design undertaking. The edge has more grooves and curves to clean. Due to its roundness, it is comfortable in the elbows when leaning on the benchtop. All in all, the edge gives the thinnest appearance.

Eased edge

This is the simplest of all edge designs. With its simple flat design, it is mostly utilized in more contemporary designs. Eased edge is nothing other than a square 90-degrees edge with an ‘easing’ of the edges, to make less harsh than a sharp straight edge. This makes it quite easy to clean. It gives the bench top the thickest look. It is the harshest edge on the elbows when leaning on a bench top.


This edge looks like a bull-nose, but rather being rounded on the top side, and has sharper edges on the bottom. Its roundedness also has a wider angle. Demi-bullnose works very well with most styles and looks great on any stone or even wood benchtops. The edge is quite easy to clean as it is devoid of addition grooves or detail. It is easy on the elbows when leaning on the benchtop as there no sharp edges at the top.

Bull-nose edge

This is one of the most opted for among all edge designs, because it complements all design styles and looks great on any wood or stone benchtops. It has a rounded edge from top to bottom, and gives quite a soft look. It is easy to clean as there are no additional grooves or detail. Since it has no sharp edges, it is quite easy on the elbows when leaning on the benchtop, something that makes it ideal for homes with kids.

Bevelled edge

With its angled and sleek appearance, it is a popular option in more contemporary designs. The edge has a clipped flat corner, normally on a 45-degree angle. With its flat design, the edge is quite easy to clean. As it has sharper edges, it is not so easy on the elbows when leaning on the benchtop.

Generally speaking, while there are many other edge designs that can be opted for to suit your kitchen benchtops, choosing the right one and your design style is all that matters. So, take your time and think it through so that you can make the best purchase decision!