Benchtop Design Options For The Savvy Homeowner

July 25, 2016

For new homeowners, choosing a kitchen benchtop always comes with a myriad of dilemmas. One simply finds it hard to choose the right benchtop materials or how to go about painting benchtops when the need to repaint arises. It gets worse where one is on a limited budget. On one hand you want to go for the best benchtop in a home improvement store. On the other, your budget says no. But you do not need to torture yourself that much. All you need to do is to understand different countertop designs as well as materials. From then on it will be easy for you to choose a benchtop without any problem. Read on to learn more.

Laminate benchtops

Laminate benchtops

They are popular mainly because they are cheap. That is why they are often considered less desirable to other benchtop materials. Strangely, most kitchen designers always recommend laminate benchtops to clients who can afford highly priced benchtops. The rationale behind such recommendation always boils down to aesthetics and easy maintenance. Laminate benchtops are simply easy to maintain and can often complement kitchen appliances.

Solid timber benchtops

They exude class and a fine taste. They look great in period-style and modern kitchens as they give an illusion of warmth that only timber can offer. Unfortunately, timber is one of the softest materials as far as benchtops are concerned. They can easily burn or scratch. If you therefore have playful children at home or your kitchen is ever busy, timber benchtops may not be ideal for you. You may have to consider other alternatives like Corian benchtops or even the aforementioned laminate benchtop.

Engineered stone benchtops

Otherwise referred to as quartz benchtops, they are durable, easy to maintain and of course, easy on the eyes. They are made from acrylic resin and rare minerals which explains why they are costly. Note that solid surface and engineered stone benchtops fall under the same category mainly because they are made of the same materials. It should however be noted that solid surface countertops are easier to maintain and repair compared to engineered stone benchtops.

Marble and granite benchtops

Granite is far much popular as benchtop material than marble. That is because granite as a stone is way denser compared to marble. They both have several similarities though. They are both stone materials. Then there they are both porous. They therefore need to be sealed properly before use. As far as costs are concerned, the margin is minimal. Granite benchtops sell for an upward of $700 while marble benchtops sell for an upward of $750.

Stainless steel benchtops

Any experienced chef will tell you for a fact that steel countertops never get old. They also look appealing in residential kitchens. The only downside that comes along with stainless steel benchtops is the fact that they are costly. They sell for an upward of $900. There is also the fact that with a stainless steel kitchen, you may have to also consider going for integrated stainless still sinks so as to achieve a streamlined look in the kitchen as far as aesthetics are concerned.