Benefits Of Having The Kitchen Benchtop Repaired Instead Of Doing Replacements

August 8, 2016

Laminate countertops vary in terms of patterns and colours. They are marketed in different brand names, for instance, Wilsonart or Formica. Why are laminate countertops a good choice for kitchen worktops? This is simply because they are quite affordable, impermeable and range in colours. Despite all the good qualities, laminate countertops can disappoint you when they chip, wear out, cut or simply go out of style. Once this happens, that’s a cry for refinishing or replacement.

If you prefer the design of your kitchen countertop to remain untouched, then refinishing would be the better option. Refinishing can make your laminate countertop look and feel as good as new. It can be done in different colours.

The refinishing process

Laminate countertops can be painted when you decide to refinish. If you decide to paint with latex or enamel, paint spraying or simply rolling the paint onto the countertop will do. However, to avoid any form of disappointments, make sure it’s done professionally. A pro will make sure to have the place clean before undertaking any measures towards the repairs. He will ensure that any chips or knife cuts are properly repaired before moving to the bonding agent. This is followed by application of the acrylic enamel. If your kitchen laminate countertop is properly refinished, you are assured of years of service despite everyday use. Proper care and cleaning will go a long way in ensuring that this happens.

Benefits of refinishing

refinishing countertops

When compared to replacement, refinishing a laminate countertop will top the list in terms of affordability. Despite saving you money, refinishing saves you time since the process does not involve a lot of procedures. When refinishing, you tend to avoid a lot of mess that might comes along with replacements.

Countertop refinishing is also non-porous and easy to clean. More to this, the surface is resistant to stains and heat. However, that does not mean you become careless with your hot pots or anything that releases stains. Refinishing makes it hard to see any bonded joint. This makes it appear very neat. With repaired laminate countertops, always be cautious not to intentionally put marks especially cuts which can easily be avoided by using a chopping board instead of the countertop directly.

Comparing the two

To decide on whether to go for replacement or refinishing, get both quotes and see what will work best for your laminate countertop. This will help you compare the cost of everything from A to Z, that is, the completion time for either of the processes and the amount of hassle involved in both in terms of reconstruction. Once this is done, your mind will be open to what is best for you and your kitchen.

To get the best professional services for your refinishing, make sure you are fully equipped with knowledge on the company or person that you decide to hire. The knife cuts, the chips and torn ends should be dealt with cautiously not to worsen the situation. The last thing you’d want is extra cost of redoing a refinishing immediately it’s done just because you did not get the anticipated results.