How Can You Customise Your Kitchen Cabinetry?

June 28, 2017

Did you know that there are countless different types of kitchen cabinets you can choose when designing your new kitchen or your kitchen renovation?

Quartz kitchen benchtops

From overhead cabinets, corner cabinets, handle-free designs and even open shelving, you can completely customise your kitchen’s cabinetry to suit your needs.

Overhead Cabinets

Overhead cabinets are a great design choice if you need plenty of storage space in your kitchen. They create a clean and composed look and the different styles and hardware features (such as pulls and knobs) will ensure the overall style of your space is maintained.

Overhead cabinets will help create a cohesive, tidy look in your kitchen. It has become popular to have no overhead cabinets in a kitchen, but unless you have plenty of storage elsewhere, it’s best you keep the contemporary trend of overhead cabinetry alive.

Open Shelving

Open shelves have become a popular option for homeowners in recent years, as they help make your room feel more spacious, while still providing plenty of storage space for your everyday essentials.

By keeping your most important kitchen items like plates, glasses and cookware on open shelves in your kitchen, you can create a shop-like display that will tell a personal story. Some people also feel like open shelving creates a more homely feel.

The main downside of open shelving is that your items that would ordinarily be hidden behind closed doors are now visible, which means keeping your kitchen shelving tidy is a must! On a plus side, this does mean you won’t have to do major clean-ups every couple of months when your cupboards get out of control because they won’t get out of control in the first place.

Glass or Frosted Glass Doors

If you like the look of open kitchen shelving but aren’t quite ready to take the leap from fully-enclosed kitchen shelving to completely visible storage, why not try glass or frosted glass cabinetry? This will help make your space feel a little more open, but you won’t have to feel like your whole life is on display.

Tip: Put your nicest items at the front of your cupboard, and keep any older, messier items at the back.

Extra Kitchen Cabinetry Design Features

To make your kitchen cabinetry really pop, consider incorporating trendy handles, handle-free designs or even a complementary/bold colour palette.

You can also customise your cupboards with their mechanisms, for instance, soft close, upwards opening, or conventional vertical opening or corner cupboard designs.

When it comes to adding a bit of personality to your kitchen cabinetry, your options are really endless!

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