How to Choose Your Dream Flat Pack Kitchen in 4 Easy Steps

September 26, 2017

In our previous blog, How to Set-Up a Flat Pack Kitchen, we looked at what a flat pack kitchen is and the benefits of installing one, however, we didn’t look at the specifics of choosing a flat pack kitchen that suits your design and functionality goals.

Here, we look at how you can customise your flat pack kitchen to suit your needs, and how to determine what those needs actually are.

Evaluate Your Existing Kitchen

The first thing you should do in any kitchen redesign project is make a checklist of what does and doesn’t work in your current kitchen’s design. For instance, is it big enough? Is there enough storage space? Do the colours match the overall aesthetic of your home? The list goes on.

As a guideline, these are some of the important aspects you should evaluate before approaching a manufacturer/supplier:

  • Do you have any issues with the traffic flow in your kitchen?
  • Do you have enough benchtop, storage and floor space in how your kitchen is currently configured?
  • What do you want to change about the overall aesthetic of your kitchen? Think about the colours, materials, finishes and accessories (like drawer and cupboard handles) and etc.
  • What are its best and worst features?

Once you’ve answered each of these questions, you’ll be able to decide which elements you would like to keep and what you want to change. Having determined this, you’ll be better equipped when approaching a flat pack kitchen supplier, and will be able to move through the customisation process with more ease.

Look for Flat Pack Kitchen Design Inspiration

Now that you know what you want to achieve with your kitchen design, it’s time to start looking for inspiration! This is the perfect time for you to scroll through an endless feed of pretty pictures on Pinterest, but it’s also a good chance for you to start looking at flat pack kitchen suppliers and evaluating what elements you do and don’t like about their designs, which brings us to our next point!

Select a Flat Pack Kitchen Supplier

So, you know what you want; now it’s time to find a company that can bring your flat pack kitchen goals to life! At Custom Benchtops & Joinery, we can customise your chosen flat pack kitchen to suit your colour and size requirements. We also have a large range for you to choose from, ensuring you’ll find the flat pack kitchen that suits your home.

Assemble Your Flat Pack Kitchen

You’ve done the planning and ordered your kitchen, but when it arrives you’ll have one job left to do – assemble it!

If you’re not the handy type, we have fully-qualified installers we can recommend for you, otherwise, you can do it yourself and save a bit of cash. This is where the biggest benefit of a flat pack kitchen really comes in, as all of the screw holes, shelf supports and hinges are pre-drilled, making assembly as straightforward as putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

If you’re ready to completely transform your kitchen, contact Custom Benchtops & Joinery today!