How To Coordinate Between The Kitchen Benchtop And Your Flooring Style

August 29, 2016

When renovating your kitchen, it is advisable to ensure that your benchtops and flooring style complement each other once installed. When selecting your kitchen benchtop and flooring, the colours you want have to be carefully considered. Even for homeowners that know very little when it comes to home designs, this isn’t a terribly difficult undertaking.

When trying to coordinate your flooring style and benchtops, you must not forget about your kitchen cabinets. The installed cabinets will need to work with the colours you select for your floors and benchtops. Here are some considerations when coordinating the kitchen benchtop and your flooring style.

Avoid flooring styles that clash with your benchtops

You certainly don’t want to select a bright yellow squared flooring pattern to go with your bold blue benchtops, and for a good reason. This will make your kitchen to feel too noisy as it creates a conflict of colours in your room. If you are looking to make an outstanding statement with colour, opt for brightly coloured benchtops with a white flooring option. Better still, have the walls painted in a bright colour, but leave the flooring and benchtops neutral.

Have a good sample of the benchtops you want while flooring shopping


After selecting your benchtops, it is then easier to select a flooring choice that suits your style. However, you have to take a benchtop sample when shopping for the right flooring to suit your tastes. This way, it is easier to see how different flooring options play off the benchtop. You might not want the flooring and benchtops to match, but want the main colours in each to be harmonizing.

Start by picking out your benchtop first

When starting a kitchen remodelling undertaking, most homeowners are confused about where to begin. The benchtops are most probable going to be your biggest investment and the focal point of the room. This being the case, it is recommended that you start there. Whatever types you opt for, your benchtop choice is quite important. Spend time selecting a benchtop that you truly love.

Choose the right benchtops for your distinctive kitchen style

Since your kitchen is the soul and heart of your home, when remodelling it, opt for benchtops, flooring and cabinets that truly express your personal style. By carefully choosing your benchtops and flooring, you will be able to create a kitchen that is suited for your individual tastes.

Conventional kitchens

Unlike contemporary kitchens, that have less ornamentation, a conventional kitchen is full of elegant detailing and gorgeous hardware. Some of the hallmarks of a conventional kitchen are decorative moulding, premium appliances and custom cabinetry. As such, when picking out benchtops for this kind of a kitchen, you want to select classic materials for your benchtops. Also make sure to select a material that can perfectly suit your type of flooring.

Contemporary kitchens

Homes that are contemporary and sleek in design normally incorporate modern elements into their kitchen designs. Some popular design elements of contemporary kitchens include smooth surfaces, sharp lines, and muted colours. Furthermore, these kitchens have spare design schemes, with lesser details. So, when selecting benchtops for a contemporary kitchen, make sure to consider minimalistic materials. The best materials for your benchtops are marble, granite and wood.