What You Should Know About Timber Benchtops

October 5, 2016

There are so many materials that one can use to install a benchtop. Choosing from the variety of materials available can be overwhelming considering all the materials have their pros and cons. Timber is the oldest material that has been used in making benchtops and it still continues to be the best choice for many. Timber benchtops have many advantages over other materials and they are more practical in different settings. This article will highlight the best aspects of timber and why it the best material to be used on a benchtop.

Natural look

Timber Benchtops

You can never go wrong with a natural look around your home. Timber is popular because it gives a more natural feel around a home. Timber does not require too much effort to give out a finished product. You can choose to sand a timber bench top and leave it at that. The natural grains on timber act as design and give it the natural look and feel. You can also paint on timber so that means you can apply any color on your benchtop to match the color theme around your home.

Easy to clean

Surfaces made of timber are easy to clean. All you need is soap and water to clean a timber benchtop. The cost of maintaining timber is very minimal compared to other materials. You can choose to apply furnish on your benchtop to improve its appearance. Waxing timber surfaces ensures that water does not sip in the timber. Did you know that wood surfaces are naturally antibacterial? It is not easy for bacteria to thrive on wood surfaces so that means your benchtops are safe from bacteria that can cause diseases.


Timber is the most economical material to use on surfaces. You can easily make your benchtop look as good as new by just sanding and refinishing it every time it loses its luster. Timber is durable and can outlast all other materials. In the event you no longer need a timber bench wood, you can always re-use the timber in other projects therefore, saving money in the long run. You cannot reuse some materials once you are done with them and that means they become waste.


Do you know that wood surfaces are therapeutically good for you? Wood unlike other materials is a living material and continues to recycle air even after being used as a building material. A home with more timber surfaces has a holistic feel to it than one that uses artificial materials. Timber is the only material that gets better with time. The longer timber stays the better it becomes and gives a more antique look on surfaces. This assures you that you don’t have to worry about replacing your timber benchtop as they continue to look better with time.


Timber can be shaped into any design therefore; you can get a benchtop designed to your needs. You do not have to worry about getting stains and scratch marks on your wooden surface. These give timber a more rustic country look which makes your benchtop unique.