Making The Right Choice In Edge Profiles For Your Benchtops

September 12, 2016

Do you want the most appealing and decorative style to apply to benchtop edges? There are numerous decorative styles that can offer you great solutions. Two factors come into play when determining an appropriate style for benchtop edges: homeowner’s preference and type of material to be applied on the edges. Apparently, most homeowners are oblivious about this fact. They believe that benchtops can merely be found in two different styles, rounded and square.

This is not the case as suppliers make various benchtops including custom benchtops. Before the manufacturing process, a customer can pick a nice edging design from a range of profiles for the benchtop, if he or she prefers a customized benchtop. In custom benchtops, fancy edges usually cost more as compared to plain and simple ones.

Square edges

Square edges

These are the most common types of benchtop edges. In a square edge, every corner of the benchtop meets at a right angle to make the entire benchtop a perfect square. This explains why a good number of basic affordable benchtops have square edges. You can still find a number of square edges with variations that maintain simplicity. These are actually more decorative as compared to squares edges. For instance, a benchtop edge variation referred to as Half Nose has its top edge rounded off to give a nice and softer look. There are a number of other variations that you can choose such as the pencil round top.

Bull nose edge

The bull nose edge is actually a common modification for the square edge styling in a benchtop. The top edge of a bull nose is rounded to give out a more circular shape for the benchtop edges. This creates an amazing semi-circle that gives that gives the benchtop a great look. Even though the bull nose can be modified using the semi-circle styling option, its cost does not change as a result. Its modification cost is little making it a cheap option if you want benchtop edges with a little styling.

Bevelled benchtop edge

It is evident that many people like the appearance of bevelled benchtop edges. The edges of a bevelled benchtop are particularly carved into 45 degrees along the entire way of the benchtop edges. As such, it stands out as the most popular decorative choice that many people prefer. You can find bevelled benchtops in many retail shops. Although bevelled benchtop edge is ideal for decorative purposes, it is one of the most challenging tasks when working on a DIY project. For instance, if you intend to use bevelled benchtop edges for your kitchen benchtops, you may have to hire an expert to get the best outcome.

A particular benchtop edge style can be combined with another style to produce a unique style. For instance when you combine a square benchtop edge with a bull nose benchtop, you will get a benchtop that is square on one end and semi-circular on the other end. You can still choose to create your own unique style depending on your choice of combining different benchtop styles.