Marble & Granite Benchtops Perth

Marble and Granite are both popular bench top materials due to their durability and aesthetic appeal, being availability in a number of different colours and designs. At Custom Benchtops & Joinery, we have experience delivering quality marble and granite countertop solutions throughout Perth, adding a luxurious finish to residential or commercial kitchens, bathrooms and vanities.


Marble is a metamorphic rock, a naturally forming stone that is mined from mountainous areas worldwide, famously throughout Italy and Greece, and used as sculpture and building material for thousands of years.

Varying greatly in colour and pattern, marble’s uniqueness provides luxurious imperfections that have made it a popular product for the contemporary design market, particularly for kitchen bench tops, countertops and vanities.


Granite is an igneous stone, formed over millions of years by volcanic activity, and renowned for its extreme hardness, durability, crystalline structure and erosion resistance.

These attributes make granite an obvious choice for bench and countertops, and differences in colour and crystallisation in the stone provide appealing options for designers. Granite is harder than marble, but less dramatic in colour and pattern variables.

We source only the highest quality marble and granite from leading Western Australian stone suppliers – view our collection online, and contact us for information or enquiries.

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