Steps To Take For Installing Your New Corian Countertop

August 1, 2016

Every now and then, we feel the need to have a fresh look and bring in custom furniture in our homes. Renovating sounds like a long and tedious process. However, that is not true because all you need is proper planning. Typically, renovating a home can take up to 12 weeks to plan and execute. If you plan to replace your counter tops Corian is the way to go. They give your countertop a beautiful and exquisite finish.

Before installing the countertops ensure cabinets are in place and the sinks should onsite. Here are some simple guidelines on how to plan for your Corian countertop installation.

Have a sketch

You can do some research on kitchen and bathroom countertop design them from the examples given you can come up with your own idea of how you would love the countertop to be. Sketch the idea on a piece of paper and if you are not as good, get the help of a designer to bring your imagination to life.

Measure countertops


Take measurements on your kitchen wall to wall and also ceiling to floor. This will aide you on cabinet selection and to consider in storage and placement spaces. This way based on your sketch you will have a rough estimate of the countertops surface area.

Contact your retailer

Contact your retailer and provide him the estimate measurements for your countertop so that you can have a rough idea of how much this project will cost you. In case you want replace the existing countertops it is good to ask if that will mean additional cost or if the retailer has included the cost in his estimate as well. This way you will be able to save and plan ahead of time.

Before installation

Before the installation date, ensure that you disconnect your kitchen appliances and remove old countertops and sinks. You should also schedule for a plumber to follow after the installation is done. Cover the surrounding areas to avoid dust from the construction. Make sure that you remove your valuables from the cabinets and everything that can break easily.

During installation

Ensure that you are present during the installation of your Corian countertop. You ensure that you get your money’s worth and quality work. After the work is done the professional will clean the immediate area. They will also advise you on how to care and maintain for your new Corian countertop.

The advantages of having Corian countertops in your home

They are flexible and versatile. Corian can be molded, carved, textured to any shape and size to fit your designs. Corian is also a non-porous and does not promote the growth of mildew and mould. They are tough and long lasting compared to other materials. In addition, you can easily renew Corian to its original appearance by removing marks and scratches and it is a good quality product that is standardized. Corian countertops are easy to clean and maintain, and when it comes to the heat that is so synonymous to the kitchen, they are heat resistant. However the use of trivets and heat pads is encouraged on the kitchen countertops.