Do You Have What It Takes To Choose The Right Benchtop For Your Kitchen?

August 15, 2016

Nothing makes a kitchen stand out like a good benchtop designed and fitted in place to make your kitchen functional and aesthetically appealing. It happens to be one of the most used surfaces in the kitchen. Only the kitchen sink comes close to it as far as the most exploited areas in the kitchen are concerned. That explains why there are so many kitchen benchtops in the market. Choosing the right one may sound easy, but it is not. One can either be spoilt for choice or simply fail to know where and how to start looking for the right benchtop. Your best bet is to do window shopping first, and learn a thing or two about the most common types of kitchen countertops which include:

Laminate kitchen benchtops

They are popular mainly because they are cheap. That’s not everything though. Other pros that laminate benchtops have to offer include:

• Easy to maintain. That is, simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth

• Easy to customize

• Doesn’t harbor common kitchen microorganisms, bacteria, mold or mildew


• Delicate; laminate countertops are simply easy to cut or scratch.

• Poor heat resistance capabilities

• Aesthetically appealing once it gets old

• Not as durable as natural stones and pre-engineered stones

Quartz kitchen benchtops

Quartz kitchen benchtops

Quartz is as common as laminate. Most kitchen designers will in fact advice you to choose between quarts and laminate. Such advice is usually informed by the following pros that come along with quartz kitchen countertops.

• Extremely eye-catching

• High stain resistance

• Heat and scorch resistant

• Scratch resistant


• Significantly expensive compared to other options like laminate and granite

• Long term exposure to direct sun-light can easily discolor quartz

Granite kitchen benchtops

Talk of hard surfaces and the next thing you will hear someone say is granite or diamond. The two options are always compared to each other in that light. Unfortunately, there are no diamond kitchen benchtops. One has to choice but to consider granite benchtops which come along with the following pros.

• Wide range of patterns and colors to choose from

• Stain resistant

• Affordable compared to other benchtop materials with the same remarkable surface hardness


Extremely expensive. Granite actually happens to be one of the most expensive kitchen materials. It is only cheap when compared to other materials with similar surface hardness as already stated.

• Easily cracks

• Absorbs oils and liquids

• Must be sealed at least once in every two to three years

Marble kitchen benchtops

Yet another common option when it comes to kitchen benchtops, marble comes along with the following pros.

• Does not conduct heat

• Appealing brightness

• Impressive heat resistance

• Classis and timeless beauty


• Easy to catch stains

• Hard to maintain

• Scratches easily

Acrylic kitchen benchtops

Acrylic is just as common as marble. It is common in most modern value priced homes for several reasons. Some of its notable pros include:

• Easy maintenance

• High stain resistance

• Doesn’t get affected by chemical based household cleaning solutions

• Affordable

• Easy to install


• Not as durable as the aforementioned options

• Scratches easily

• Poor heat resistance

Take time to find a benchtop option that fits your budget and kitchen design. Be sure to ask kitchen designers for their opinion and assistance. The last thing you would want is to end up with a kitchen benchtop that doesn’t serve your needs after spending a fortune on it.